Recurring Inspection in Quality Management

  1. Create material master & maintain the inspection type ‘09’ dan batch nya wajib di Centang
  2. Maintain interval in QM views in material master
  3. Create Inspection Plan
  4. Create purchase order
  5. Create good receipt
  6. MMBE
  7. RR
  8. UD
  9. Stock Posting
  10. Find the next inspection date with MSC3N
  11. Deadline monitoring of the batch  à QA07
  12. MMBE
  13. QA02

Check Material Master.
Yang perlu diperhatikan di material master adalah check pada Shelf life, Inspection Interval dan QM views harus memasukkan inspection type = 09

Create Purchase Order

Good Receipt

Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan anda tonton video tutorial dibawah ini :

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