SAP Quality Management in Production / PP

These two modules integration takes place in 2 areas or 2 ways

  1. In process inspection
  2. GR inspection

In process inspection means during the production in between the process the inspection takes place and here again 2 types of inspection process take place they are:

  1. Single time inspection
  2. At regular interval

In process inspection

  1. Quantity based inspection suppose if we are producing let us say for example 100 kgs of the material stock then the inspection take place 25 kgs at regular interval
  2. Time based inspection means for example if we are producing the finished component let us say for example for 4 hours irrespective of the quantity then every 1 hours inspection takes place
  3. Free inspection – means without any condition then the production department will go for inspection without any quantity or time based inspection

GR inspection

Inspection takes places at the time of GR wref to production order

Master Data in PP

The different master data available in SAP PP are

  1. MM
  2. BOM
  3. Work Center
  4. Routing

Material Master  – we needs some raw materials created with ROH for example in the standard
when need a finished material created with FERT with inspection type – 03

Create BOM – CS01, 2, 3
Create Work Center – CR01, 1, 3
Create Routing – CA01, 2, 3 
Create Inspection – QP01, 2, 3

GR inspection after production order  – Insp.Type = ‘04’

  1. Create Production Order  à  CO01, 2, 3
  2. Release Production Order  à CO02
  3. Create inspection Plan  à QP01
  4. GR wref  Production Order  à MIGO atau  MB31
  5. Result Recording  à QA02
  6. Usage Decision  à QA02
  7. Stock posting
  8. Monitor Stock Overview  à MMBE

Please watch in vedio tutorial for completing scenario

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