Quality Management in Plant Maintenance / PM

Calibration inspection process

  1. Create Equipment   -> IE01, IE02, IE03
  2. Create Master Inspection Characteristic  -> QS21, QS22, QS23
  3. Create Equipment Task list  ->  IA01, IA02, IA03
  4. Create Maintenance Plan  -> IP41
  5. Schedule Maintenance Plan  -> IP10
  6. Release The Calibration Order  -> IW32
  7. Confirm the calibration order  -> IW41
  8. Result Recording  -> QA02
  9. Usage Decision   -> QA02


– Plant Maintenance & custom Service
– Maintenance and service processing
– Maintain and service order
– Function and setting for order types
   -> Assign inspection type to maintenance/service order types

Create Equipment à IE01, IE02, IE03

Create Master Inspection Characteristic  à QS21, QS22, QS23

Create Equipment Task list  à  IA01, IA02, IA03

Create Maintenance Plan  -> IP41, IP42, IP43

Schedule Maintenance Plan  -> IP10

Nomer Inspection Lot #  :   140000000102

Release The Calibration Order  -> IW32

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