Inspection with Physical Samples

There are 3 types of Physical samples

  1. Primary Samples
  2. Pooled Samples
  3. Reserved Samples

Primary Samples
Sample which are taken directly from quantity for quality analysis – chemical/physical analysis for testing

Pooled Samples
sample are created by mixing the primary sample – analysis done after creation

Reserved samples
sample directly taken from inspection quantity and placed in storage until expiry – no analysis done

Sample Drawing Procedure – all theses 3 samples are further maintained in sample drawing procedure

Step to perform physical sample

  1. Sample Drawing Procedure – QPV2   code is QM-SDP01
  2. Create a material master with inspection type 89
  3. Check Sampling Procedure – QDV2
  4. Assign sample drawing procedure in inspection plan – QP02
  5. Create manual inspection lot, QA01
  6. Change inspection Lot, QA02
  7. Result recording
  8. Usage Decision
  9. Display physical sample QPR2, QPR3

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