Quality Notification / QM01,2,3

Recording Permasalahan pemrosesan (Deviation & Defect) didalam system disebut Quality Notification.
Ada 3 type Quality Notification :

  1. Notification from Vendor / Vendor complaint / Purchase Order
  2. Notification from Process Production / internal Problem / Prod.Order
  3. Notification from customer / Customer Complaint / Sales Order

Quality Notification contains the 3 Partners

-Author is the person who will create the internal problem notification
-Coordinator is the overall person responsible for the notification
-User Responsible is the person required to carry out correction tasks and corrective actions

Steps for Quality notification

  1. Create Quality Notification – QM01,2,3
  2. Put in Process Notification – QM01,2,3
  3. Complete Notification – QM02
  4. Display Notification – QM03

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