Serial Number in SAP PP.
Serial Number is also a master record as it will be unique for a particular material.

The serial number will be mostly given at the time of delivery and this can be effectively controlled by the serializing procedure.

We use serial number to identify a product unique and to provide our self with an overview of which product. We have sold to which customers. The serial number is only unique in conjuction with a product.

For example: Cell phone CELL PHONE000012345 or ENGINE000012345

For Example, you can use serial numbers in the following instances.

1.       If a customer returns a damaged engine you can determine whether it is actually the engine that you supplied the with

2.       During quality control you determine that a production error has occurred you can identify the

affected product groups by using serial numbers. if necessary you can also identify the customer to which you have already sold damaged products and inform them of this.

3.       If a freight forwarder damages a pallet during transportation, warehouse management people can show us which engines were on the palette and could now potentially be damaged

Steps to Perform.

1.       Create serial number profile in configuration setting four digit key that provides unique identification number for a serial number profile

2.       Maintain serial number profile in the material master MM01

3.       Create production order

4.       Release production order – serial numbers are created automatically

5.       Confirm production order

6.       GR WREF to production order

7.       Monitor MMBE here we can see the list of serial numbers

Create Material Master Finished product, Check in Basic Data View, Satuan nya mesti PC, pada Work Scheduling dapat dimasukkan profile Material number + profile Scheduling

Create BOM (Bill of material)
Create Work Center

Create Routine

Create Production Version

Create Production Order atas Finished Producti itu :

Perhatikan pada Tab CONTROL. (sudah masuk Profile)

Jika saat create production order baru muncul pesan error seperti dibawah ini :

Entry SC31 P123 does not exist in TCO43 (check entry)

Artinya di material master – work scheduling views  harus digabungkan antara profile scheduling dan profile serial number

Kemudian SAVE,

Perhatikan pada order yang akan dibuat TARGET QTY. maka akan dibuatkan sejumlah serial number sebanyak itu.

Lalu untuk maintain SERIAL NUMBER di ORDER, 

Header  à Serial number

Kemudian kita lakukan proses terakhir yanitu GR.

Kemudian kita lakukan proses terakhir yanitu GR.

Kemudian check di MMBE

Environment  –> Equipment /serial number

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