Strategy Group 25 – Make To order. Configurable Material or Variant Configuration

Whenever order comes the order will be transferred to the production where the assembly process be involved and gives the delivery schedule to the customer, just assembly the process in order to reduce the time and quickly be delivered to the customer.

Variant Configuration

Variant Configuration is for manufacturing complex product in which customer determines the features of the product. Objective of variant configuration is to react quickly to customer’s requirements.
Here it needs not to create separate material for each variant of a product. When companies introduce variant configuration this often beyond a business process re-engineering project.

Variant configuration offers an opportunity to restructure product structures for which then process are defined. This has a direct impact to the core areas such as marketing and product data management.


  1. No need to create separate material master for each variant combination
  2. BOM and routing is enough for representing all possible variants and operations
  3. Able to react more flexible to customer demand.
  4. Increase information exchange between sales, engineering and production


  1. A material with different features or characteristics and options is known as configurable material. Example: PC, Car, Pump, Cycle, Laptop etc…
  2. Configurable materials are either created in a material type that allows the configuration ( in the standard system, the material type KMAT) or they are given the indicator configurable in the material master record.

Steps to perform variant configuration

  1. Characteristic – CT04
  2. Class – CL01
  3. Configurable material with material type – KMAT – MM01
  4. Sales BOM for the configurable material – CS01
  5. Configurable profile for the configurable material – CU41
  6. Assign object Dependencies – CT04
  7. SD condition records – VK11
  8. Sales Order – VA01

Then we can the display or result of the variant configuration.

Material Cycle

Create Class

Create Material Configurable


Create Price Condition VK11
PR00  and VA00



Create Sales Order / SO –> VA01


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